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Engagement of Medical Officer (On Contract) under Finance Department
Category : W.B. Health Scheme 2008 Posted On : 08/07/2024
Drawal of bills in anticipation of allotment
Category : Audit Posted On : 05/07/2024
Inclusion of Head of Account under Agriculture Department in GRIPS
Category : IFMS Posted On : 05/07/2024
Release of further fund relating to Administrative Expenditure and State Development Schemes for the Financial Year 2024-25
Category : Budget Posted On : 28/06/2024
Appointment of two candidates on probation to the post of Sv.D.O. in the Directorate of Small Savings under the Finance Department
Category : Service Matter Posted On : 28/06/2024
The Offices under the Govt. of W.B. will be closed at 2 PM (01.07.2024, Monday) on account of the Birth Day of Late Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy, Ex-CM of WB
Category : Audit Posted On : 26/06/2024
Inclusion of Head of account in favour of Chief Electoral Officer, West Bengal in GRIPS
Category : IFMS Posted On : 25/06/2024
Notification on Revised Scheme for Constitution and Administration of the Guarantee Redemption Fund, 2024 of Government of West Bengal
Category : Budget Posted On : 21/06/2024
Memorandum on reimbursement of car hiring charges to the employees availing HTC/ LTC for road journey
Category : Audit Posted On : 20/06/2024
The rate of Interest on SDRF and SDMF will be 8.50 percent per annum for the financial year 2023-2024
Category : Budget Posted On : 19/06/2024
Bye-elections to be held at 35-Raigunj, 90-Ranaghat Dakshin, 94-Bagda and 167-Maniktala Assembly Constituency on 10th July, 2024 (Wednesday)
Category : Audit Posted On : 19/06/2024
The interest rate of General Provident Fund and other similar funds shall will be at the rate of seven point one percent from 01.04.2024 to 30.06.2024
Category : Audit Posted On : 14/06/2024
Extension of Panel of Valuation Agencies
Category : Public Private Partnership (PPP) Posted On : 13/06/2024
Enhancement of rate of DA and DR in respect of the employees, Pensioners and others with effect from 01.04.2024 instead of 01.05.2024
Category : Audit Posted On : 11/06/2024
Inclusion of Head of Accounts under Food Processing Industries & Horticulture Department in GRIPS
Category : IFMS Posted On : 11/06/2024
All State Government offices shall be closed at 2.00 PM on the 12th June, 2024 (Wednesday) on the occasion of JAMAI SHASTHI
Category : Audit Posted On : 07/06/2024

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